Dawson, YT Fire, Jan 1900


Part of the Business Portion of the City Destroyed---Great Suffering Likely to Follow.

SEATTLE, Washington, Jan. 16.---The steamer Danube at Victoria, from Skagway, brings news that a large part of the business portion of Dawson was wiped out by fire on the night of Wednesday last.

A dispatch was received at Skagway on the same night. The loss will exceed $500,000. There are no names of the buildings or list of losses.

The Skagway operator says that great suffering will undoubtedly follow the fire, as the temperature at Dawson was 40 degrees below zero, with the wind blowing.

The city is without a water supply.

The New York Times, New York, NY 17 Jan 1900


On January 10, 1900, the business district was wiped out again by a fire that started in the Monte Carlo Theatre and spread through the saloons and music halls on both sides of Front Street. By 1900, the danger of fire diminished through improved fire protection and equipment, and the fact that more buildings were made of galvanized iron and tin.

The History of Dawson City from www.yukonalaska.com