Antigo, WI Tornado, May 1898

MARSHFIELD, Wis., May, 19., A severe tornado passed through the central portion of the state last night. The storm passed through Clark, Marathon, and Langlae [Langlade] counties, levelling houses, farm buildings and forests. Antigo seems to have suffered the most.

List of Killed and Injured

Antigo, Wis., May 19. --The list of killed in last night's tornado, as far as known, is as follows:

Ingnatz Barr, unmarried, killed.

George C. Shelton, fatally injured.

Dr. F. Drake, arm broken.

Mrs. Alex McMillan, injured seriously.

Miss McMillan, back injured.

Mrs. Hiram Ward, arm broken.

Frank Billings, leg broken.

Mrs. Frank Linski, injured internally.

A great number of others are reported slightly injured.

Fort Wayne Gazette, Fort Wayne, IN 20 May 1898


Minneapolis, Minn, May 19.--The cyclone which passed across Marathon county last night about 7 o'clock did its most severe damage in the village of Antigo, in Langlade county.

Passing north and east of Wausau it struck the farmhouse of August Hanke, about a mile and a half from Zeigler post office, which was demolished and Mr. and Mrs. Hanke and four children perished in the ruins.

Passing on toward Taegge, the sawmill of the Curtis & Yale Company at that point was unroofed and practically demolished. The storm center crossed the river at Granite Heights, seven miles north of Wausau and there the sawmill of David Finn was destroyed and his stock blown about.

Following is a list of killed and injured at Antigo:



FRED BILLINGS, switchman



Mrs. Mike Lenski, Mrs. Alex McMillan, Mamie McMillan, a child of Mrs. A. Tollefson, Annie Steel, Homer Sheldon, Lulu Sheldon, Dr. T. S. Drake, Dan Sweeney, Mrs. John Knott and her two sons.

The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA 20 May 1898


At Antigo, Wis. scores of houses were leveled, many were unroofed and scores of people were injured. The electric light plant and water works were wrecked.

Lima Daily Times, Lima, OH, 19 May 1898