Ferryville, WI Tornado, Jun 1915

Twelve killed in storm.

Furious Wind Sweeps Over Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa.

La Crosse, Wis. --- Twelve persons are reported dead in the storm which swept over western Wisconsin and parts of Minnesota and Iowa Saturday night. Seven are said to have lost their lives near Ferryville, Wis., and five near Lansing, Iowa.

An eight mile strip from a point two miles east of Ferryville to a point ten miles east, near the village of Seneca, was swept clear and every farm house was wrecked or damaged. The storm was at its worst at the farm house of JAMES FINLEY, where his mother, son and two sisters, one of whom had just come home on a visit, were killed.

Carbon County Utah 1915-06-18


Ferryville Tornado

Ferryville, near La Crosse, was the hardest hit. Eight persons were killed, and eighteen injured there.

The known dead to date are:

At Ferryville -- William Sheehan, Mrs. J. C. Finley; Rose Finley; John Leppert; Genevieve McManus, infant daughter of Tim Finley; nine-year-old daughter of Leppert, unidentified man.

[The tornado] formed three and a half miles north of Ferryville, followed the river for eight miles, then turned east and swept across the country midway between Ferryville and Lynxville. The Finley home was torn to bits and the pieces carried four miles. The body of a baby was found more than a mile from the place.

Lincoln Daily News, Lincoln, NE 14 Jun 1915


The cyclone gathered on the Mississippi river and followed its course until it struck Ferryville and then went east over Linxville covering an eight mile stretch. Eight were killed and eighteen badly injured at Ferryville and the little village has been entirely wiped off the map. The force of the cyclone can best be understood from the statement that the body of a baby was hurled a distance of a mile from Ferryville.

Sheboygan Press, Sheboygan, WI 14 Jun 1915