Clear Lake, WI Tornado, Jun 1899

Clear Lake, Wis., June 13. -- A tornado struck this vicinity about 6 o'clock last evening. Three miles north and west several houses and outbuildings were swept away. Fred Kennetz was blown several rods, and when found he was dying. Sam Olson's house was destroyed, he being killed. His wife was fatally injured and his son's legs were broken. P. L. Taylor's house was blown to atoms. He was internally injured. J. C. Walsworth's house and barn were swept away.

The Nebraska State Journal, Lincoln, NE 14 Jun 1899



Many Families Without Shelter or Necessary Provisions.

Madison, Wis., June 17. -- (Special)-- Gov. Scofield received the following telegram from Clear Lake:

Clear Lake, Wis., June 16. -- Gov. Scofield, Madison, Wis.: About twenty families in this vicinity are in urgent need of food, clothing, kitchen furniture and lumber. Their homes were swept away. Many of these families were among the fire sufferers. C. F. KING

Clear Lake. Wis., June 17. -- The report that A. M. Rosenquist of Clear Lake was killed was erroneous. He was severely wounded on the head, but will recover. H. L. Taylor suffered a fractured rib and a sprained back.

Centralia Enterprise and Tribune, Centralia, WI 24 Jun 1899