Marshfield, WI Train Wreck, May 1894


Frightful Railway Accident on the Wisconsin Central – Several of the Passengers Killed, with a Long List of Minor Casualties --- Fire Adds to the Horror of the Wreck and Some of the Victims Cremated.

MILWAUKE, May 31. --- A Marshfield (Wis.) dispatch says: A railway accident resulting in the loss of eight lives and the injury of from fourteen to twenty persons, more or less seriously, occurred here at 3:15 a. m. Train No. 4, on the Wisconsin Central railway, ran through an open switch and was completely wrecked. The cars afterward took fire and were consumed. Four persons were taken from the wreck dead and four others are missing --- supposed to have been caught in the mass of broken timbers and consumed.

Except the four or five passengers and three or four trainmen who are missing and believed to have been burned to death in the wrecked coaches, the following is as complete a list of the dead and wounded as can be obtained at 1 o'clock;

JAMES HUBBARD, engineer, of Stevens Point.
GEORGE GERHARDT, fireman, of Stevens Point.
JUDSON BIGELOW, brakeman, of Stevens Point.
A MR. RUSSELL, a civil engineer in the employ of the company.
Aged man and woman, names unknown; burned in the ruins. It is said they were not on the train at St. Paul.

HENRY CHESTER, Marshfield, Wis.; legs and spine badly injured.
O. W. BOZELY, news agent, Stevens Point, Wis.; injured internally.
ARTHUR TURNICE, Chicago; head cut and otherwise injured; will recover.
JOHN BIGELOW, head brakeman, Stevens Point, Wis.
DR. WEITZEL, Glidden, Wis.' hurt internally.
FANNIE BURTLE, Springdale, Ill.; hand badly cut.
WILLIAM RYAN, Sturgeon Bay, Wis.; ribs broken and head cut.
E. A. TWITCHELL, attorney at law, Minneapolis; head cut.

The Rolla New Era Missouri 1894-06-02