Hustler, WI Camp Douglas Train Wreck, Sept 1912

Hustler WI Train Wreck, photo from Hustler WI wreck 1910.jpg

Another wreck occurred at Hustler, a little station on the Omaha road near Camp Douglas on Monday, where three were killed and several injured. This wreck was also caused by a washout which wrecked a bridge and let the train go thru

The Grand Rapids Tribune, Grand Rapids, WI 4 Sept 1912


Camp Douglas. - One of the worst wrecks which ever occurred on the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Onaham railroad took place about two miles east of here when the train ran into a washout, resulting in the death of four persons, six persons seriously injured and a score or more slightly cut and bruised and suffering from shock. Most of the latter are women.

The dead are: Thompson, engineer; Abraham, fireman; Lee, baggageman, and a mail clerk, name unknown.

The train had been flagged at Tunnel City on account of a washout just west of Elroy and later was ordered to back up to this city. When the train reached Lemonweir river, it found the high bridge and banks on both sides gone, and plunged into the whirling mass of water below.

That so many escaped death, considering the fact that all of the coaches plunged into the river and piled up, is miraculous.

The smoking car was carried several hundred feet downstream, but several hundred feet downstream, but all its occupants escaped.

The Grand Rapids Tribune, Grand Rapids, WI 11 Sept 1912