Racine, WI train crew rescues family from house fire, Aug 1908


Conductor Under Exciting Circumstances Rescues Three.

Racine. - Mrs. J. M. Denney and her two children were rescued from their burning home three miles north of the city by Conductor John Lindhard and Motorman John Billings of the Milwaukee Electric Railway and Light company, assisted by 30 passengers, under the most exciting circumstances. The house was discovered to be on fire by the crew of the incoming car. Mrs. Denney with the children were asleep in an upper room and it was with great difficulty that they were awakened. When awakened they became dazed. The crew carried them through the smoke and flames in their night clothes. During the conflagration, Conductor Lindhard and Motorman Billings were burned on the hands and face and their clothing was scorched. Mr. Denny was in Milwaukee on business.

The Stevens Point Journal, Stevens Point, WI, 8 Aug 1908