Antigo, WI tornado, Jun 1922


At 2:20 p. m. Friday afternoon, June 16, 1922, a destructive tornado entered Langlade County from the southeast corner, causing thousands of dollars of damage3, endangering the lives of scores of people and creating havoc that will be discussed by generations to come. The path was almost the same as that of the tornado of May 18, 1898. In fact the basement of a house (just opposite the John Bahr, Jr. farm) is but a few feet from where the tornado did much of its destruction.

The George Wachal farm lost heavy. Two barns, a granary, a machine shed and other minor buildings were destroyed. The estimated loss was $10,000.

Felix Adamski had a barn, valued at $5,000 destroyed. His silo, the windows of his residence and many shade trees were destroyed.

The farm of Charles Kloida was a heavy sufferer. The great barns, machinery sheds, silo and other buildings, implements and other property were destroyed. The residence of Mr. Kloida was also badly damaged. The family went into the basement just before the storm approached.

The brick veneer residence, the barn, silo and machinery buildings of Anton Zima were levelled [sic] to the ground. Mr. and Mrs. Zima were in Antigo shopping when the storm came up.

The granary and the barn of John Bahr, Jr., suffered heavily. The roof of the granary was torn away. Barn doors were torn from their hinges.

Live stock belonging to Charles Kloida, Joe Herman, Joe Koudelka, Charles Kloida and Anton Zima was either killed or injured.

Telephone poles in the path of the tornado were pulled from the ground for a distance of about one-half a mile. The tract of maple owned by John Bahr, Jr., was torn to splinters.

Many Antigo people watched the white "twister" as it approached. None realized that it was but a mile from Fifth Avenue, Antigo's main street. The scene of the tornado was visited by thousands of poeple who drove through the muddy roads in the rain. It was an incident in the history of Langlade County that will be talked of for many years to come.

The History of Langlade County, date not provided