La Crosse, WI home explosion, Jan 1966


Blast Occurs at La Crosse

LA CROSSE (AP) - An explosion and the resultant fire caused the death of an elderly couple and destroyed their frame home Wednesday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Saley were alone at the time of the blast. Mrs. Saley, 88, died at the scene. Her husband, aged 78, died in a hospital shortly after the incident.

An adjoining home was damaged and windows in a radius of one block were broken.

The cause of the explosion was not immediately determined.

Firemen said the house exploded about 6:03 p.m. and the debris caught fire. They extinguished the blaze within a few minutes.

Firemen who arrived at the scene found Saley outside the home. His wife's body was recovered about 15 minutes later.

The explosion hurled debris with such force that an automobile parked across the wide boulevard in front of the home was damaged.

A house across the alley behind the Saley home appeared to have some structural damage. Windows in all homes nearby were completely shattered. Trees and yards in the area were filled with cloth and paper from the blasted home. The front window of a post office branch station across the street and a half block away was shattered.

The Manitiowoc Herald Times, Manitowoc, WI 6 Jan 1966