Sturgeon Bay, WI Steamboat ERIE L. HACKLEY Wreck, Oct 1903


Captain Bravely Meets Death While Trying to Save Women.

Squall Strikes the E. L. Hackley on Lake Michigan and She Turns Over -- Passengers and Crew Drown.

Sturgeon Bay, Wis. -- The little steamboat ERIE L. HACKLEY, with passengers and crew to the number of twenty-one on board, went down in a squall in Green Bay. Twelve persons, including three women, were drowned. The nine others, eight men and one woman were saved by a passing vessel, but not until 8 a. m. next day, after a night of such suffering that several of them are at the point of death.

The Lost -- LAWRENCE BARRINGER, Fish Creek, Wis.; EDNA BARRINGER, sister of L. BARRINGER; FRANK FITZGIBBONS, Jacksonport, Wis.; CARL KELLY, Fish Creek; GEORGE LE CLAIR, JR., Jacksonport, brother-in-law to the BARRINGERS; NELS NILSON, Sturgeon Bay, Wis.; JOSEPH V. ORUS, Fish Creek, captain of the Hackley; HENRY RAHITEY, Fish Creek; FREEMAN THORP, Fish Creek; _______ TRUEHNY, cook, Fish Creek; MISS FRANCES VINCENT, Egg Harbor, Wis.; MISS VINCENT, sister of MISS FRANCES VINCENT.
Although the Hackley was a small vessel, with a limited passenger list, the experience of those who rode with her in the storm that swept her to destruction was as thrilling, as in any greater disaster of the sea. The boat left Menominee, Mich., soon after 5 o'clock p. m., bound for Fish Creek. She had proceeded out only about seven miles when she was over-whelmed by a terrific squall from out of the southwest.
Angry seas crashed over the little vessel, threatening to engulf her, and Captain ORUS decided to turn about and try to make the port she had just left. In bringing the Hackley about she fell into the trough of the sea, from which she could not get out. The captain threw the wheel hard down to port and then to starboard, working like mad to make the boat obey the rudder, but without avail.

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