Racine, WI multi-block fire, May 1882



RACINE, Wis., May 6. - A fire broke out in the Goodrich warehouse about 10 o'clock last night, which rapidly spread to the lumber-yards and elevators adjoining. A fierce gale was blowing. At 8 o'clock this morning everying had been burned north of Third street, from the lake to the river, and the fire was making very serious headway south of Third street, despitethe arriveal of two engines from Milwaukee. A quarter of a hour later the flames had reached Fourth street. Later, when engines arrived from Chicago, the fire was got under control. The outcome of the conflagration was as follows: Seven blocks were burned, including over 44 buildings. Ten million board feet of lumber was also consumed. The loss figures up to about $750,000, on which there was about $250,000 insurance. That part of the city which is in ashes was the oldest and least ornamental, being largely composed of inferior buildings, with here and there a fine one. The citizens have not lost heart, but are preparing to rebuild.

CHICAGO, May 6. - The Daily News reporter sends the following from Racine as the losses in detail: Kelley, Weeks & Co., lumber, $75,000; Jones, Knapp & Co., $80,000; Onondaga Salt-works, $20,000; Racine Silver-plating Company, stock, $45,000; Herzog & Roberts, Racine Star Mills, $20,000; Joseph Miller & Co., boots and shoes, $60,000; Shoe-packing Company, Philbrook & Co., stock and building, $10,000; F. Ibing, furniture, stock, and building, $9,000; eight small frame buildings, $4,000; Congress Hall Hotel, owned by Seneca Raymond, $18,000; the building used as an office by the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad, and owned by J. S. Moore, Jamestown, N. Y., $16,000; elevator owned by the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad, $40,000; Goodrich warehouses, $5,000; Union Hall Block building, $20,000. The total loss is $458,000.

The insurance is as follows: Upon Congress Hall: Howard, of New York, $2,000; Hartford, $3,900; Star, of New York, $1,500; Girard, $3,000; unknown, $4,600; total, $15,000. Joseph Miller & Co. held upon machinery and stock in the Star, of New York, $2,000; Union, of Philadelphia, $2,000; Connecticut, $2,000; London Insurance, $2,000; Niagara, $2,500; Hamburg, $2,500; unknown, $17,000; total, $30,000. Kelley, Weeks & Co., on lumber held: London, Liverpool and Globe, $6,000; Hartford, $1,000; Westchester, $2,500; Fire Assurance, $1,500; American, of Philadelphia, $3,000; Imperial Northern, $3,000; unknown, $15,000; total, $32,000. Herzog & Roberts held on stock and bulding: Hartford, $2,000; Niagara, $1,000; Connecticut, $1,000; unknown, $16,000; total, $20,000. Jones & Knapp held on their lumber: Niagara, $2,000; Connectiuct, $2,000; Springfield, $3,000; Royal, Liverpool, $3,000; unknown, $10,000; total, $$20,000. The Racine Silver-plating Company held on their stock: Traders', Chicago, $1,000; Royal, Liverpol [sic], $1,000; National, Hartford, $1,000; London and Liverpool and Globe, $2,000; Franklin, Philadelphia, $1,000; same company, on building: British American, $4,500; unknown, $20,500; total, $32,000. Philbrook & Co., on the Shoe-packing Company, held: Hartford, $1,000; Western Travelers, $2,500; Girard, $500; London Association, $1,000; Franklin, $1,000; unknown, $2,000; total, $8,000. F. Ibing held on furniture: Union, Philadelphia, $1,500; Western, $1,000; unknown, $4,000; total, $6,500.

The New York Times, New York, NY 7 May 1882