Lake Winnebago, WI Planes Collide Over Lake, June 1972


Neenah (AP) -- Two passenger planes reportedly carrying a total of 13 persons collided in the air over Lake Winnebago and plunged into the water today, the Federal Aviation Authority office here reported.
The office said one body was recovered immediately and that wreckage of two planes was lying in about 15 feet of water.
(The Winnebago County coroner's office told United Press International that 13 persons died in the crash.)
Eight persons were believed to be on the Air Wisconsin plane, which was flying from Sheboygan to Appleton and five were on the North Central plane, on a flight from Green Bay to Oshkosh.
The Air Wisconsin plane was a DeHaviland Otter and the North Central craft a Convair. Both are turboprops.
ROBERT PITTS JR. 11, Neenah, told authorities he saw a red-colored explosion in the sky about five miles east of, the Neenah shore. He and a 10-year old companion said they saw a large airplane fall into the lake with smoke and flames coming from the plane before it hit the water.
In Minneapolis, DEL DRUMM, director of public relations for North Central, said Flight 290 left Green Bay at 10:32 a.m. headed for Oshkosh.
He said the plane had clearance to land from the Oshkosh tower, but was shortly thereafter reported missing by the tower.
The North Central flilght oridinated in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and had a crew of three and two passengers.
The Air Wisconssin plane involved was on Flight 671.
The crash scene was three miles west of Waverly Beach between Menasha and Appleton. Officers were sending for divers, and many boats were converging on the area, including one from the U.S. Coast Guard. Some wreckage was above the water.
The crash was believed to have occurred about 10:45 a. m. Rescue boats began picking up debris about 11:20 a.m.
Air Wisconsin is a commuter line operating in the state and North Central is a major regional carrier.
DRUMM would say only that the two North Central passengers were not from the Midwest. He said the names of the crew would not be released until next of kin are notified.
DRUMM said the plane normally goes into the Upper Peninsula but was grounded at Green Bay Wednesday night because of bad weather.

The Capital Times Madison Wisconsin 1972-06-29


reply to Callie

This link is to an investigative report on the crash. The names of the crew are listed, but not the passenger.

Searching for family members

This is probably a long shot, but I am searching for my birth family. I have a paternal grandfather from Wisconsin who died in a plane crash at the age of 36 (Born in 1935). As of now, this is my only lead as I was adopted through Lutheran Social Services in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. This leads me to believe he may have been a pilot with all the ties to the aviation community there. However, I do know he completed law school and was an attorney. I can't seem to shake the Oshkosh/aviation/plane crash tie though. If you have any information on a full list of victims of the crash or ANY further information you think may be helpful, I would greatly appreciate any input you may have!

Thank you for taking the time to consider! I know, this is crazy!

Callie Schouten

relative on plane

My Great uncle was also killed in the accident, may they all rest in peace.

1972 Crash

I remember it well for my cousin was killed on that flight.