Milwaukee, WI Schooner Dreadnaught Wreck Dec 1893

Rough Experience of the Crew of the Dreadnaught, a Lake Craft.
MILWAUKEE, Wis., Dec. 5.--- Four days and nights without food or sleep, clinging to a wreck, exposed to seas and snowstorms until almost frozen to death--such was the experience of the crew of the little schooner Dreadnaught, who are at the Emergency Hospital in this city bound up in cotton batting.
The Dreadnaught's crew, consisting of Andrew Olsen of Washington Island and one sailor, Henry Peterson, whose home is in Chicago, were rescued by the steamer Syracuse, which left Chicago yesterday morning for Buffalo. When thirty miles southeast of Racine the lookout on the Syracuse discovered the little vessel drifting about in a helpless condition. It was a mass of ice from bow to stern.
It at first was thought that the schooner had been abandoned, but on nearer view two men were seen on deck, covered with ice from head to foot. Ropes were thrown them as Syracuse came alongside, and they were hauled aboard. They were nearly dead, and the ice had to be chopped from their clothing before it could be removed. The doctors think the two men will be all right within a few days.
The New York Times, New York, NY 6 Dec 1893