Winneconne, WI Storm And Lightning Strike Jun 1911

The Electrical Storm Was Violent in Vicinity of Winneconne--
Some Incidents Related.
(Special to The Northwestern.)
Winnecone, Wis., June 6.-- The electrical storm early this morning was one of the most disastrous which has visited this section of Winnebago county in years. The lightning was particularly vicious, and heavy torrents of rain were added to the already water soaked fields and the turbulent streams.
Miss Phoebe McCorpin, who keeps a store in the eastern part of the village, lost two good cows which were killed when lightning struck a tree under which they were standing for shelter.
Four cows were lost by Fred Gruenewald, four miles east of here. They were killed in about the same way, lightning striking them in the field.
Perhaps the heaviest loss was that of Matt Madison, a farmer residing two miles northwest of the village. Lightning struck his barn, and it was burned to the ground with all the other buildings on the place excepting the house. A renter's team was burned up in the fire, and so was a young colt.
A spectacular feature of the costly blaze was the escape of a bull from the burning barn. The animals in the structure were frenzied with excitement, but the horses stolidly refused to budge, apparently too frightened to move. When the flames encroached on the bull the powerful brute broke through and rushed to safety.
The Daily Northwestern, Oshkosh, WI 6 Jun 1911