Sheboygan, WI runaway accident June 1910



Occurs Sunday Evening at the Corner of Eighth Street and Pennsylvania Avenue.

Miss Dorothy Cholpek narrowly escaped from death in a runaway accident which occured last night at half past nine o'clock.

She was in a two-seated carriage with two friends, Tom Zeskes and Peter Kehler, driving east on Pennsylvania avenue when on the corner of Ninth street the horse it is claimed by the Zeskes, became frightened at a west bound street carand made a dash for liberty. When Eighth street was reached, Zeskes attempted to get the lines to turn the corner. Two cars however, which were standing in front of the office of the Sheboygan Light, Power and Railway Company, made it necessary for him to change his course. The horse by this time enitrely out of control dashed into the large iron trolley post in front of the Empire Cafe, throwing the occupants to the pavement.

Miss Cholpek was hurled between the post and the wreckage of the carriage. When she was extricated it was found she had escaped injury with the exception of a few scratches. Her companions likewise were uninjured. The horse which had been thrown on the sidewalk, was bleeding badly, while the carriage was smashed to splinters.

The horse and carriage belong to Charles Donnora, the saloonkeeper, 412 N. 8th street, and had been hired out to Zeskes and Kehler early in the evening. Donnora alleges that the men were drunk when [sic]nounced his intention of bringing the accident occurred. He has ansuit [sic], having refused to take either the injured horse or the wrecked carriage. The horse is valued at $250 and the carriage at $100.

Sheboygan Daily Press, Sheboygan, WI 27 June, 1910