Stevens Point, WI Fatal Platform Fall, Jun 1908

A Fatal Accident.

LOUIS ROSETH, An Employee of the Journal Office, Falls From Platform and is Fatally Injured.

Newspapermen have occasion to write the particulars of many sad accidents, but one of the saddest we have ever been called upon to record in an experience of many years was brought home to us Friday afternoon.

The victim of the sad accident was LOUIS ROSETH, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ole Roseth, of 137 Superior Avenue, a young man who has been in the employ of the Journal office for about five years. The only eye witness to the accident was George Dumas, another employee of the office. He said he and “Louie,” as we all called him, were in the habit of playing ball in the lot back of the office whenever they retuned from dinner before 1 o’clock Friday they got back about ten minutes before 1. Louis had the ball and stood on the platform back of the office, the other young man standing on the ground. The latter said to Louie that he had better come down on the ground. “No,” said Louie, “I am going to throw only a couple of times as I have to go in and correct the mailing galleys.” Louie then threw the ball, as he did so putting his hand on the railing on the platform. The railing gave way and he fell forward, off the platform, a distance of nearly 16 feet. In falling his head struck on the cement gutter and his skull was terribly crushed. One of his arms was also dislocated and he was otherwise severely bruised. Young Dumas immediately called for assistance, Alex Krembs, Jr., being the first man in hailing distance, Drs. C. von Neupert, Sr., and Dr. G. Rood were summoned as quickly as possible, and later the young man was conveyed to the home of his parents, where Dr. E.H. Roberts was called in consultation. But form the first the young man had passed beyond human aid. At 2:15 o’clock his young life went out.

Deceased was born in this city July 14, 1889, and therefore in a little while would have passed his 19th birthday. He is survived by his parents and one brother and two sisters, Simon, Mary and Mabel, to all of whom his death, only a little more than an hour after he had left them in perfect health, came with crushing force. Simon is a student at the high school and Miss Mabel at the Normal.

Since Louie came into this office a good many employees have come and gone and by all the news of his sad and unexpected death will come with deep sorrow. He was like by all of them, for he was at all times industrious, steady and in all ways faithful and dependable. He came to the office at an earlier age than most boys commence to learn a trade, but was making good progress and developing into a good printer. His earnings were not squandered or frittered away, but were turned over to his parents.

The Stevens Point Journal, Stevens Point, WI 6 Jun 1908