Redgranite, WI One Car Wreck Kills 7, Sep 1970


Redgranite, Wis. (UPI) - What started as a festive holiday weekend turned to tragedy Saturday as seven youths died in a one-car accident two miles north of here.
It was one of the worst accidents in Wisconsin history. Nine persons died in a two-car accident in 1937 and three different accidents, the latest in 1964, claimed eight lives.
The seven youths, three boys and four girls, had attended a high school football game early Friday evening and the accident happened shortly before midnight.
A passing motorist saw the wreckage and notified authorities.
Deputies said the car was driven by DAVID J. OLTESVIG, 16, Redgranite. He and five others were killed outright. One girl died en route to a Berlin hospital.
The other victims were:
WILLIAM THORNTON, 21, Redgranite; DEBRA M. IRWIN, 16, Fond du Lac; JAYLAYNE M. KROLL, 14, Fond du Lac; MARY J. FRIESS, 15, Fond du Lac; KATHERINA KELLY, 14, Fond du Lac and JAJES DE VARGES, 18, Carlsbad, N.M.
The DE VARGES youth was visiting a brother, Jay, who lives in Redgranite.
Coroner Ben Brownell said the car was northbound on a Waushara County road when it left the road on a slight curve. It hit a tree, shearing nearly the entire right side off, and then overturned.
County Traffic Chief Donald Lofey said one of the bodies "was the worst I have ever seen since World War II."
He said there were no witnesses to the crash.

Independent Press-Telegram Long Beach California 1970-09-06