Fort Atkinson, WI Head On Crash, Apr 1956



Fort Atkinson - A young Fort Atkinson Sunday School teacher and an employee of the Fisher Body plant in Janesville were killed Sunday night in a head-on car collision on rain-slick Highway 12 outside the west limits of Fort Atkinson.
The dead:
MISS SHIRLEY ANN JUNG, 20, of 317 N. High St., Fort Atkinson;
WILLIAM M. NYRE, 23, of Osseo, Wis., employee of Fisher Body since Jan. 24, 1955.
Critically injured in the crash was:
DALE GUNEM, 20, Osseo, driver of the car in which NYRE was a passenger;
LAURENCE L. SHERMAN, 23, Rte. 3, Whitewater, an airman stationed at Truex Field Madison and driver of the can in which MISS JUNG was killed, suffered serious injuries.
The fatalities were the 4th and 5th of 1956 on Jefferson County highways.

Collided On Curve.
The cars slammed together on a curve near McCoy Park. Two ambulances were required to remove the dead and injured.
MISS JUNG was killed outright as the result of a head injury. NYRE died minutes later as he was being admitted to Fort Atkinson Hospital.
GUNEM suffered a severe brain injury, multiple fractures of the lower jaw and fractured right ankle. SHERMAN'S injuries were listed as multiple lacerations, fractured nose and fractured ribs. His condition was listed as "fairly good."
Dist. Atty. Thorpe Merriman said the accident was being investigated for possible criminal charges.
The SHERMAN car was headed northwest on Highway 12 and the GUNEM car southeast. A drizzling rain had made the highway slick but there was no evidence of skidding. The cars met so squarely that neither budged from its position on the highway after the impact.
It was learned that MISS JUNG, a Sunday School teacher at Friedens Evangelical and Reformed Church, was on her first date with SHERMAN. They apparently were headed toward Madison at the time of the accident.

Janesville Daily Gazette Wisconsin 1956-04-16