Allen's Grove, WI Auto And Train Collision, Jul 1955

Allen's Grove WIS wreck

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Allen's Grove, Wis. (AP) - The five survivors of a train-auto crash that killed a mother and five of her children, remained hospitalized today, one of them in critical condition.
Killed Tuesday as their auto was struck by a speeding passenger train at a country crossing was MRS. HARRIET SMITH, of Beloit, and her children, JACQUELINE, 4; DEBBIE, one year; "SKIPPY," a son, three months old; LARRY, 16, and KEITH, 6.
The survivors included four of MRS. SMITH'S children and her sister-in-law, BEATRICE SMITH, 21. MISS SMITH suffered cuts to both legs.
The other injured, hospitalized at Lakeland Hospital, Elkhorn;
BETTY LOU, 9, a fractured leg.
LELAND, 12, skull fracture, serious condition.
SUSIE, 7, skull fracture, serious condition, and
CHERYL, 2, internal injuries and a crushed chest, critical condition.
The dead woman's husband, B. Eddie Smith, 38, witnessed the accident from the porch of his parents' farm home, just 275 feet away. He borrowed a neighbor's car and drove north in search of his parents who had left only a short while before the crash on a vacation trip.
Smith's parents called at the Walworth County Jail late Tuesday afternoon and talked with Chief Deputy George Sawyer. A Beloit minister informed Sheriff Jack Cusack that he would bring B. Eddie Smith, husband and father of the victims, to the jail later.
MRS. SMITH and her sister-in-law had taken the children with them on an intended grocery shopping trip to Allen's Grove, 15 miles northeast of Beloit in the southern part of Wisconsin.
The auto was traveling on a little used access road that led to Highway 15 and into Allen's Grove. The fast Milwaukee Road train struck the auto as it emerged from under a Highway 15 viaduct.
The auto, a 1950 model, was ripped into three pieces.
Train engineer R. P. Roberts said the auto was on the tracks when the crossing came into view.
It was estimated the 12-car Milwaukee bound train was traveling at 60 m.p.h.

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