Hudson, WI Head-On Auto Collision, Oct 1966


Hudson, Wis. (AP) - Five members of a family from near Stillwater, Minn., were killed Sunday night in a head-on collision of automobiles at the brow of a hill.
The St. Croix County traffic patrol listed the dead as:
ARLIN L. EVENSON, 31, driver of one car.
his wife, ESTHER.
and three of their seven children; KAREN, 1 year old, JAMES, 2 years old and SARAH, 4 years old.
Another EVENSON child, LYNNE, 5, was reported in critical condition in a St. Paul, Minn., hospital. In serious condition in a hospital at New Richmond, Wis., were three other EVENSON children; BEVERLY, 8, RUSSELL, 10 and STEVE, 12.
The driver of the other car, ROBERT CROTTY, Somerset, Wis., is in serious condition with injuries, was taken to a hospital in St. Paul.
The accident occurred on a township road about 13 miles north of this western Wisconsin city.

Bridgeport Post Connecticut 1966-10-03