Wausau, WI Flood, Jul 1912

A. Kickbusch Grocery and Railroad Yard During July 1912 Flood, Wausau, Wisconsin Damage at Marathon Paper Mill from the Flood, July 1912, Wausau, Wisconsin Fall of the Bridge During Flood July 1912, Wausau, Wisconsin Flood July 1912, Wausau, Wisconsin Flood South of the High Bridge, July 1912, Wausau, Wisconsin Master Pumping Station During High Water, Wausau Flood, July 1912 Wausau, Wisconsin Railroad Cars After the Flood July 1912, Wausau, Wisconsin

Wausau, Wis., July 24. -- Damage estimated at $250,000 was caused by the breaking of two dams in the Wisconsin river north of here today. No lives were lost here but for a time it was believed several farm houses had been carried away. Although heavy damage was done it was found no lives were lost. Telephone communication was cut off.

Wausau was paralyzed today. Water, gas, electric light and car service were cut off by the water which stood a foot deep in the business district. The flood began to recede this afternoon. Damage to crops will be heavy.

Heavy and incessant rain caused the flood.

Daily Commonwealth, Fond Du Lac, WI 24 July 1912


Later reports are to the effect that the dams at Merrill, Brokaw and Wausau had gone out, and that the bridge at Wausau had been wrecked.

The Grand Rapids Tribune, Grand Rapids, WI 24 Jul 1912


Wausau, Wis., July 25. -- The flood that yesterday swept down the Wisconsin river as a result of the breaking of two dams north of here is receding today and conditions in Wausau are assuming normal. The total loss will not exceed $250,000 with no casualties.

In Wausau today street car and electric service has been resumed. The fire department is kept busy pumping out basements in the business district and scores of merchants will suffer heavy loss from damaged wares.

The report that the big power dam at Merrill twenty miles north of here had gone out, proved untrue with the resumption of telegraph service to day. The flood is gradually receding and all present danger is past.

Daily Commonwealth, Fond Du Lac, WI 25 July 1912


The big paper mills which depend on water power to operated, face a serious situation today. With rush orders for printed paper at hand they will be unable to operate for at least a period of two weeks until the big power dams are repaired.

Lincoln Daily News, Lincoln, NE, 25 Jul 1912