Fond du Lac, Wi Boating Accident, July 1906

Had a Narrow Escape.

The Fond du Lac Bulletin states that Reginald Weller, the oldest son of Bishop and Mrs. R. H. Weller of Fond du Lac, and three other young people, the Misses Clara Bullis and Marjorie Gillett of Fond du Lac and Fred Deis of New York city, had a narrow escape from drowning Thursday evening last week on Lake Winnebago. They were members of a camping party located on Mt. Vernon in Winnebago park, and that evening went out for a cruise on the lake. After rowing about for a time someone wanted to change seats and in the operation the boat careened and shipped enough water to settle it dangerously near the water’s edge. They had no bailing apparatus and could not use the oars for some reason and were compelled to wait in the wet boat for several hours until they were driven by the wind against, some friendly point where the boat was beached and emptied.

The Stevens Point Journal, Stevens Point, WI 28 Jul 1906