Kimberly, WI Mill Collapse, Oct 1927 - Trapped as Wall Falls

Six Dead, Six More Trapped as Walls Fall

Excavations Near Foundation Believed Responsible for Crash

Gangs Work All Night

(By United Press)

Kimberly, Wis., Oct. 8 – Three men, buried for nearly 24 hours in the wreckage of the collapsed beater plant of the Kimberly-Clark paper mill here, were rescued alive Saturday.

(By United Press.)

Kimberly, Wis., Oct. 8

Rescue workers continued their frantic efforts Saturday to reach six men still buried in the debris of Kimberly-Clark paper mill collapse here Friday. Three of the six are known to be alive despite injuries.

Six others were killed or subsequently died in hospital and 15 injured when the walls of the building, collapsed pinning the men beneath a mass of twisted concrete, steel and lumber.

Groans Speed Work

All night long the voluntary army of workers had toiled with the hope that those still buried might be reached alive. Moans heard occasionally throughout the night spurred rescue work.

The two story building of the paper mill collapsed apparently as a result of the weakening of one wall. It was believed the wall caved in because of burrowings under it. No definite reason has been assigned as yet. An investigation was under way to determine the cause.

Without warning, the walls crashed inward and the roof sank down.