Almond, WI Storm, July 1880

Wind and Lightning in Almond

Almond Correspondence of the Journal

A wind storm of great force passed over this town on Friday evening at about nine o’clock – leveling grain, fences and in some instances working more serious damage.

The new barn of Frank Mathe on Sec. 23, was completely wrecked and Mr. Mathe who was at the time trying to his horses, which alone saved his life. The horses were both killed, lying under the weight of quite a quantity of hay that was stored in the loft in addition to the lumber and timbers of the barn. Mrs. Mathe called the neighbors who after a considerable time, succeeded in extracting her husband alive, but badly injured. Mr. Mathe lost his house and its entire contents without insurance in March last by fire, and this second misfortune falls very heavily upon him. Loss five hundred dollars. At Lock Frosts the wind took up a heavy barn 40 X 40, and carried it about eight feet setting it down upon a flock of sheep, killing thirty one of them. It also completely demolished a large double shed and moved his largest barn, a building 40 X 11? feet, partially off its foundation. It will probably cost from four hundred to five hundred dollars to get things in shape again. Michael Walker picked up forty bushels of dutches [sic] apples after the storm. His fruit trees were somewhat shattered by the wind, but still there are probably as many apples left upon the trees as they could bring to maturity.

Much fruit upon other farms was destroyed and the loss in grain from the storm, and subsequent excessively hot weather, will probably be not less than fifteen per cent, of its value.

On Tuesday of this week, lightning struck in among a flock of sheep on John Walters farm killing seven of them.

Heavy rains are of almost daily occurrence, followed by a blistering sun which can be injurious in a great degree to agricultural interests.

The Stevens Point Journal, Stevens Point, WI 17 Jul 1880