McDill, WI Lightning Strike, July 1907

Notes of the Storm.

On Sunday evening the chimney at the home of Allie Porter, east of McDill, was struck and shattered by lightning, and the plastering was cracked and broken in different parts of the house, while the woodwork and papering were scorched. Mr. and Mrs. John Porter, parents of Allie, were at the house at the time and Mrs. Porter had only a few moments before arisen from a bed that was almost entirley [sic] broken up by the bolt. The father, son and four children of the latter were sitting only a short distance from the base of the chimney, but the lightning scattered after striking the top, all the members of the household fortunately escaped, and the loss is covered by a policy in the Stockton Insurance Co., the loss being settled yesterday at $100.

Gazette, Stevens Point, WI 10 Jul 1907