Mosinee, WI Storm, July 1880


Incidents of Last Friday's Storm

A heavy rain storm, accompanied by the most vivid lightning, and in some places by a destructive wind, passed over the country on Friday night of last week. The lightning was particularly destructive...


Mosinee Correspondence of the Journal

The lightning did not do much damage here. It struck on the Mr. Sanford's houses, and went between the studding, close to two children's heads. It also struck one of Mr. Josephs [Joseph] Dessert's houses. The bolt struck the chimney and went inside the house and out through the bedroom window, breaking the sash and window frame all to pieces. A man and his wife were in bed in the bedroom, and the lightning passed within six inches of their heads, but it did not injure them. So you see the damage was light.

The Stevens Point Journal, Stevens Point, WI 17 Jul 1880


Based on the 1880 Census image, Mr. Sanford is probably W. E. Sanford, a retired farmer who was 68 in 1880. His wife, L. S. Sanford was 72. J. Dessert, 60, lived near the Sanfords with his wife M. J., 40, and their daughter Stella, 14. Sam Hinkley, 58 a lumberman was a boarder in the home; H. M. Johnson, female, 24 was a servant and Stella Hunt, 17, was a visitor who was going to school.