Waterford, WI Storm, Aug 1, 1907


Racine, Wis., Aug. 1.---One man was killed, several were injured; barns destroyed and other buildings were damaged and horses and cattle were killed by a rain, wind and electrical storm which visited Racine county.

At the village of Waterford the people were gathering for mass in St. Mary’s church when a bolt of lightning struck the steeple, and WENZEL NIKSCH, of Milwaukee, who was leaning against the door, was killed.

Several other persons were knocked down and severely stunned. Great excitement prevailed and persons ran from the building, but it did not catch on fire.

Washouts completely tied up all trains on the Milwaukee, Northwestern & Burlington railroad systems between Chicago and St. Paul.

Not a train on any road left La Crosse for twelve hours. All mails are delayed and La Crosse was cut off from communication by rail in every direction today.

The Evening News, San Jose, CA 1 Aug 1907