Knowlton, WI Drowning Rescue, June 1906


A most miraculous escape from a drowning occurred at Knowlton Thursday noon. Mrs. Mary Malone, accompanied by her nieces, the Misses Isabelle Teckla and Kathleen Guenther, crossed the Wisconsin river near the hotel in a new boat to the woods, on the opposite bank, where they had planned a morning outing. It was arranged that at noon T. R. Guenther was to go after them with one of the late acquisitions to the Knowlton fleet. Upon his arriving at the landing, Mrs. Malone and Miss Isabelle got into the boat and as Mr. Guenther was assisting Miss Kathleen in they both lost their balance, falling into deep water, upsetting the boat and throwing out the other occupants. The four suddenly found themselves struggling for safety with the boat over them. The water at this point being unusally [sic] high, owing to the recent heavy rains, it was sometime before they recovered themselves but by the herculean and courageous efforts of Mr. Guenther and his sister, who are both able to swim, the young ladies as well as themselves were saved. Miss Isabelle is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Guenther. Miss Kathleen is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. Guenther. The rescued party, especially the ladies, found themselves in quite a high state of nervousness and concluded that an impromptu Wisconsin river bath is not quite as pleasurable at it might be.

The Stevens Point Journal, Stevens Point, WI 30 Jun 1906