Kenosha, WI Drowning Rescue, Feb 1912

Wisconsin Brevities

Kenosha – Two men, John Stanley, 167 Fremont Avenue, and William Hanckman, 187 Maple court, Kenosha, were rescued from an awful fate when Capt. Frank Fountain and a volunteer crew of lifesavers made a trip of four miles over the slush ice along Lake Michigan and rescued the two men, who were marooned on a floating field of ice.

Just after ten o’clock one of the men on the lookout of the life-saving station discovered two more spots on the ice and with the aid of a powerful glass he discovered that the spots were men. He saw that they were signaling and Captain Fountain at once rigged up a light skiff and loading it on bobs went to the lake at the foot of Park Row. The captain and his men pulled the skiff over the treacherous ice for a distance of more than a mile and then found that fully three-quarters of a mile of open water separated them from the marooned men. The men on the floating ice field were all but exhausted and it was difficulty that the captain and his men made a landing on the floating ice and landed the men into the boat.

The Stevens Point Journal, Stevens Point, WI 24 Feb 1912