Mazomanie, WI Steamboat Accident Jul 1895

Mazomanie Woman Drowned by the Capsizing of a Steamer.
Mazomanie, Wis., July 17.--[Special.]--A fatal accident occurred near this place Monday afternoon. A party consisting of AARON PARMAN and MISSES IDA PARMAN, IVA LEARNARD and NELLIE KERR were out on the Wisconsin river in a small steamboat. The rudder chain broke and the boat came into the swift current near the shore striking the boughs of an overhanging tree and was capsized. MR. PARMAN and two of the ladies succeeded in reaching the shore in safety, but MISS KERR was carried down the stream and was drowned. The river has been dragged night and day in all directions since the accident, but thus far the body has not been recovered.

Centralia Enterprise and Tribune, Centralia, WI 20 Jul 1895