Stevens Point, WI Injured With Baseball Bat Jun 1908

While playing ball on Franklin street at about 4 o'clock Sunday after- noon, the twelve-year-old son of PAUL WOZNICKI, who lives at 319 North Third street, received an injury which at one time it was feared would prove fatal. When one of the ball players struck at a ball the bat flew out of his hand and struck the Woznicki boy on the forehead. The boy was able to walk home, about a block away, but when Dr. D. S. RICE was called he found that the wound was so deep that it had to be sewed up. Soon after this operation was completed the boy went into convulsions and remained unconscious for two or three hours and Dr. C. VON NEUPERT, JR., was called in consultation. A report gained circulation that the boy was dead, but today he is much better.

The Stevens Point Journal, Stevens Point, WI 6 Jun 1908