Stevens Point WI, Falling Accident, Jun 1908

LOUIS ROSETH, an Employee of the Journal Office, Falls From Platform and is Fatally Injured.
Newspaper men have occasion to write the particulars of many sad accidents, but one of the saddest we have ever been called upon to record in an experience of many years was brought home to us Friday afternoon.
The victim of the sad accident was LOUIS ROSETH, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ole Roseth, of 137 Suprerior avenue, a young man who had been in the employ of the Journal office for about five years. The only eye witness to the accident was GEORGE DUMAS, another employee of the office. He said he and "Louie," as we all called him, were in the habit of playing ball in the lot back of the office whenever they returned from dinner before 1 o'clock. Friday they got back about ten minutes before 1. Louie had the ball and stood on the platform back of the office, the other young man standing on the ground. The latter said to Louie that he had better come down on the ground. "No," said Louie, "I am going to throw only a couple of times as I have to go in and correct the mailing galleys."
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