Wisconsin Tornado Outbreak, Apr 2011

Record April Tornado Outbreak in Wisconsin on April 10, 2011

An outbreak of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes tore across central and northeast Wisconsin during the evening of April 10, 2011. Fifteen tornadoes were confirmed in Wisconsin, most across the central and northeast part of the state.
Ten of the fifteen twisters touched down in the NWS Green Bay service area. The hardest hit areas included Waushara, Winnebago and southeast Outagamie counties in east-central Wisconsin, southern Lincoln County in north-central Wisconsin, and Forest County in the northeast part of the state. The ten tornadoes on April 10 is the largest tornado outbreak ever recorded in the NWS Green Bay service area. For Wisconsin, 15 tornadoes is a record April outbreak.
In addition to the tornadoes and large hail, several areas of damaging, straight-line winds were reported. Some of these "downburst" winds exceeded 80 mph, as strong as a tornado!
The strongest tornado occurred near Merrill, where a twister over a quarter mile wide caused considerable damage to homes, building, and trees on the north side of the city. Ten planes at the Merrill airport were damaged, three destroyed. The tornado was rated EF3 on the Enhanced Fujita (EF) tornado intensity scale.