Stoughton WI, Fires, Nov 1889

FIRES AT STOUGHTON.---The city of Stoughton seems to be able to have more fires to the square foot than any other place of its size in the state. This week the barn of C. J. MELAAS went up in smoke, causing a loss of $300. The building was insured in the Home Insurance company for $350. The contents, most of which were saved, were insured in the Hartford for $200. The barn of E. B. KING was burned last evening, causing a loss of $200, with no insurance. The structure was immediately in the rear of the Tipple livery stable and the fireman by hard work succeeded in saving the latter building.

Wisconsin State Journal, Madison, WI 15 Nov 1889



Got it corrected. Appreciate you catching that.

Correction of place name

The place name of this article should be STOUGHTON. Without the correction, this article is not properly found in a site search.