Kenosha, WI Teens Die at Rail Crossing, Dec 1928

30 teens, mostly the children of Kenosha's Social elite. went on a scavenger hunt. There were a total of eight cars in the hunt. 3 of the cars met up at a railroad crossing on 12th avenue and 75th street . There was a freight train going northbound and they all stopped. As soon as the freight train passed, One car sped over the tracks okay but there was a passenger train going southbound that none of them saw. The train hit the next two cars and pushed them down the tracks about 100 feet. The cars were crushed. The dead included

Ferrin Alford, 17
Lowell Smith, 16
Richard Hastings, 17
Alice Judd
Mary Slater, 18

All civic affairs were called off and private New Year parties were cancelled

Kenosha Evening New Dec 31, 1928
The Pittsburgh Press, Dec 31, 1928