Georgetown, WI Fatal House Fire, Dec 1935

Farmer, Wife, 4 Children Burn To Death

5th Child Dying; Blast, Flames Destroy Home

(Consolidated News Service)
Platteville, Wis., Dec. 30.-Six members of a Platteville farm family burned to death and the seventh was burned so severely that he is not expected to recover today when their home was destroyed by fire. The fire followed an explosion which resulted when kerosene was poured into a kitchen stove.

The dead: Floyd Dent, 40, his wife, Anne, 35, and their children, Merrill, 14, Betty Jane, 12, Donna Mae, 6, and Robert, 3. Another son, Dorrance, 8, was reported near death late tonight at Cunningham hospital here.

Shortly after he arose this morning, Dent poured the kerosene into the stove. Flames shot out, setting the kitchen on fire. Dent awakened other members of the family, but they were unable to get out of the house as the front door was frozen shut and the fire in the kitchen prevented them from leaving through the back door.

Ray Dent, a brother of Floyd, who lives nearby, was summoned by his son, who noticed the blaze. Ray, with the help of other neighbors, broke the front door down and carried his brother’s family out of the blazing building.

The fire department at Cuba City was summoned, and the firemen brought with them Drs. F.M. Bair and R.E. Perry of Cuba City. The Dent family was brought to the hospital after preliminary treatment was given.

Donna Mae Dent died at 2 p.m., her father at 2:25 p.m., her brothers, Merrill and Robert, at 3:30 p.m., her sister, Betty Jane, at 4:30 p.m., and her mother at 9:30 p.m.

The Dent home was about a mile west of Georgetown, Wis., 6 miles south of Platteville.

Rockford Morning Star, Rockford, IL 31 Dec 1935