Barron, WI Tornado, Jun 1899



Barron, Wis. June 13 – [Special.] – This city and surrounding country was last night visited by a severe cyclone which did untold damage. The storm came up about 7 o’clock and for several minutes was watched with fearful apprehension. The scene was awful to behold. The storm started by a cloudburst, which drenched everything. The Norwegian church was totally wrecked. The Barron Heading company’s mill was partially wrecked and the stock scattered badly. The residence of J.W. GILLETT was badly wrecked and penetrated in six places by planks blown from adjacent lumber yards. GUS SODERBERG’S residence was moved from its foundation and the kitchen roof penetrated by a flying board. JOHN POST’S residence was badly wrecked and his barn and sheds are down. The dwelling of W.P. HOWARD was turned over on its side. MRS. HOWARD was injured so that her recovery is doubtful. MR. HOWARD received slight injuries. The large, half-completed residence of BERT FINNIMORE and S.F. FILLMORE was entirely destroyed. Barns and buildings without number are wrecked. Nearly every store front on the east side of Third Street was blown in. The theater block and opera hall are slightly wrecked. JOHN MARTIN’S bicycle shop was wiped off the earth. The upper half of the front of A.F. HORSTMAN’S furniture store was blown out. MRS. L.C. McNURLIN’S millinery store suffered likewise. The front of E. NELSON’S furniture store in the opera house block was blown in. The Third ward schoolhouse was moved from its foundation and nine boxcars were blown off the tracks. MRS. CRANDALL’S residence was wrecked and numerous other dwellings and buildings are out of plumb as a result of the storm. The electric light and telephone wires are down. Up to noon no casualties were reported. Thousands of trees were uprooted and the aggregate loss will amount to a great deal.

Minneapolis, Minn., June 13 – A special to the Journal from Barron, Wis., forty miles northeast of New Richmond, Wis., says: The tornado struck here at 6:30 last night, wrecking a dozen buildings and severely injuring MR. and MRS. P.W. HOWARD. MRS. HOWARD’S injuries are thought to be fatal. The Norwegian Lutheran church was totally destroyed. Ten “Soo” freight cars were demolished and the damages are heavy.

Centralia Enterprise and Tribune, Centralia, WI 17 June, 1899

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