Oak Creek, WI Coach Bus And Auto Collision, Jan 1975


Oak Creek, Wis. (AP) -- Three persons were killed and 18 injured, one critically, in a collision of a car and a Wisconsin Coach Lines bus which destroyed both vehicles Friday night.
The two persons in the car, JAMES RAKOWSKI, 22, and JOYCE BOGABI, 18, both of South Milwaukee, were killed. The other victim, who was on the bus, was a 17-year-old recruit on leave from the Great Lakes Naval Training Station, police said.
Police said there were about 20 riders on the bus, which could seat 49.
Ambulances from several suburbs transported the injured to Trinity Memorial Hospital in nearby Cudahy. Fourteen persons were released after treatment and four were admitted.
Admitted were KENNETH HEIN, 18, Franksville, listed in fair condition; GLENN A. SHEDLEY, 18, Great Lakes, Ill., Naval Training Center, fair condition; ROBERT PAUL EVANS, 18, Great Lakes, Ill., critical; and the bus driver, CLARENCE ARN, 54, Pewaukee, serious condition.
Officials of the Waukesha based bus from said the bus was scheduled to leave Kenosha at 6:15 p.m., stop at Racine at 6:50 p.m. and arrive in Milwaukee at 7:40 p.m. The accident occurred at an intersection about 7:30 p.m.
Witnesses said the northbound car struck the front of the westbound bus, causing the bus to spin around and plunge into an eight foot deep ditch. They said the bus landed on its side and was destroyed, but no fire was reported.
Ronald Wapp, who lives about 100 yards from the intersection, said he rushed to the scene and found ARN still conscious. Wapp said ARN told him to turn off the bus ignition, then passed out.
A Wisconsin Coach Lines official said ARN was a longtime employe of the firm. Another driver for the firm said ARNS was filling in for the route's regular driver, but had driven the same route Thursday.
Treated and released were:
ROBERT A. CHURCH, 19, a serviceman, address unavailable.
DONNIE JONES, 18, Racine.
MARK LAUIN, 16, Kenosha.
PAUL MALACARA, 22, Racine.
BARBARA A. MEYER, 18, Franksville.
FRANK R. PETRELLI, 18, Greenfield.
DOLORES PETTY, 19, Milwaukee.
MAYNARD J. RILEY, 19, Great Lakes.
GEORGE RISDALL, 57, Kenosha.
DANIEL K. WALSH, 32, Racine.
GENE PRICE, 17, Racine.

Herald Times Reporter Manitowoc Wisconsin 1975-02-01