New Richmond, WI Tornado, Jun 1899 - Eyewitness Account

The news of the disaster was brought here by J.A. Carroll, a travelling man from New Portage, who was stopping at the Nicollet Hotel in New Richmond when the cyclone struck. He saw the funnel-shaped cloud as it came up the principal street, and took refuge in the basement of the hotel, which was completely wrecked, together with every other business house in the city. In terrible sheets of rain following the tornado Mr. Carroll and his comrades succeeded in recovering the proprietor Charles McKennon, wife and one child, from debris, and they also removed the laundry girl, who was so seriously injured that she will probably die. They also removed two men named Barrett and Newell, who were very severely injured. Mr. Carroll drove to Stillwater by team for relief, and the train with doctors will leave here at 13:15 a.m. Mr. Carroll further says that fire followed the tornado, and that what was left is being consumed by fire. Many people are doubtless killed, and the damge will run into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Nebraska State Journal, Lincoln, NE 13 Jun 1899