Arlington, WI Locomotive Boiler Explosion, Jan 1948


Portage, Wis. -- (AP) -- A terrific explosion in the boiler of a Milwaukee Road locomotive Sunday killed the fireman and seriously injured the engineer.
None of the six passengers in the combination passenger-freight train was injured. The accident occurred near Arlington, 17 miles south of here, while the train was moving slowly, according to Sheriff William Orth.
RAY HOVEY, 34, of Portage, was killed instantly, and engineer WALTER WOODROW, 63, also of Portage, suffered second and third degree burns.
Only the twisted skeleton and the undercarriage of the locomotive were left. Two combination passenger and baggage cars were derailed but five refrigerator cars and a cattle car remained on the track.
The blast, heard six miles away, tore up 145 feet of track and blew the boiler 14 feet clear of the wreckage. The boiler dug a four foot hole when it landed.
H. C. Munson of Chicago, general manager of the road, said the cause of the explosion was unknown.
He said the train was running 40 minutes late on the Portage to Madison route.

Racine Journal Times Wisconsin 1948-01-12