Milwaukee, WI Deadly Gas Kills Two, Aug 1927


Milwaukee -- (AP) -- Deadly carbon dioxide gas cost the lives of two employes of the Donahue-Stratton Grain company this morning, in the Rialto elevator filled with corn, and overcame two others, one a fireman who went to the rescue.
The victims were FRANK COGAINI, 59, and FRANK POCHALSKI, 30. Those overcome and taken to emergency hospital are:
JOHN WEIMAN, carloader employed by the grain company.
COGAINI went down into the bin to inspect the hundred bushels of corn there, while POCHALSKI and several others remained on the platform of the elevator which is eighty-five feet high. COGAINI collapsed and POCHALSKI went to his aid. He had barely reached his side when he was seen to collapse also.
WEIMAN followed the men "part way," felt himself grow weak and started back. He collapsed. Other men fortunately were saved by the decision to call the fire department.
OESTERREICH, protected by a gas mask, was sent down into the bin and waved with his arms that something was wrong. He fell over near the other men.
Realizing that they were dealing with carbon dioxide gas -- air with the oxygen exhausted captains of the fire squads sent men equipped with oxygen tanks to the rescue, which was a laborious process.
Imprisoned in the elevator, surrounded by walls towering nearly 100 feet, it was necessary to raise the bodies to the top and lower them to the ground. WEIMAN and OESTERREICH were hoisted to the surface into life jackets, swung to the ground and then taken to the hospital.
Believing POCHALASKI had the best chance of life because he was exposed less time to the gas than COGAINI, firemen next raised his body. Examination indicated that both he and COGAINI, whose body was raised afterward, were dead. Both were taken to the hospital where it was found life was long since spent.

Oshkosh Daily Northwestern Wisconsin 1927-08-30