Watertown, WI Lamp Accident, Sept 1895


Miss Ida Gruel Dropped a Lamp While Dressing Her Hair at Janesville.


She Lived Only a Few Minutes After the Accident---Other State Specials

Janesville, Wis., Sept. 9.---[Special.]---Miss Ida Gruel of Watertown, a domestic in the employ of City Attorney Horace McElroy, was burned to death Sunday afternoon as the result of the dropping of a lamp. Miss Gruel was engaged in curling her hair and was using a kerosene lamp to heat the iron. Desiring to move the lamp she picked it up, but it slipped from her hand and fell on the bureau, breaking the glass and scattering the blazing oil in all directions. The whole front of Miss Gruel's dress was blazing when she rushed from the room, and as the family was unable to extinguish the flames she was so extensively burned that death ensued soon after. She was 19 years old and had worked for Mrs. McElroy three years. Her parents arrived from Watertown and will take the remains home.

Centralia Enterprise and Tribune, Centralia, WI 14 Sept 1895