Madison, WI Lake Mendota Drowning Rescue, Aug 1907


Miss Lyla Ransom and E. S. Burnett Narrowly Escape Drowning in Lake Mendota.

(Special to The Northwestern.)

Madison, Wis., Aug. 24.---After one of the most terrible experiences ever recorded on the Madison lakes, during which they clung to an upturned canoe for over two hours in the midst of a raging wind and thunder storm on Lake Mendota, Miss. Lyla Ransom of Wingra Park and E. S. Burnett, research assistant in mechanical engineering at the university, were rescued from a watery grave just in the nick of time. In three minutes more they would have been forced by fatigue to slip over into the deep. The rescuers were Rev. F. T. Galpin of the First Baptist church, Donald Seibel and Frank Roland. Valuable assistance was also rendered by Henry Cook. Miss Ransom leaves soon for Oshkosh to become supervisor of music in the city schools.

The Daily Northwestern, Oshkosh, WI 24 Aug 1907