Racine, WI Terrible Hail Storm, Sep 1923.



Racine, Wis., Sept. 23. -- A heavy hail storm prevailed here yesterday afternoon. Little damage was done, as there was no wind at the time. Some of the hail stones measured an inch and a half in diameter. The glass in the skylight of MRS. HART'S store was badly broken. Sixteen lights of glass were broken out of GUENTHER'S factory on Sixth Street.

Racine, Wis., Sept. 23. -- The storm yesterday afternoon was a very severe one. The streets were flooded and cellars inundated, and on Chatham Street, a revetment wall, owned by M. B. ERSKINS, was washed out, the damage amounting to $1,000. The clothing store os S. WOLFF, on the corner of Main and Fourth Streets, was flooded, caused by the water conductors on the roof of the building clogging. The clothing was soaked with water and $1,200 damages done. The hailstones averaged in size from a bullet to a small hen's egg and fell to the depth of half an inch. At least 5,000 panes of glass were broken in the city, greenhouses being the principal sufferers. When the storm first made its appearance fears of a cyclone were felt, and hundreds of people took to their cellars for safety.

Oshkosh Daily Northwestern Wisconsin 1886-09-23