Pewaukee Lake, WI Ice Boat Collision, Jan 1947


Pewaukee Lake, Wis. -- Seven persons were hurt, two of them severely, when two ice boats collided at high speed yesterday afternoon on Pewaukee Lake.
Occupants of both boats were thrown clear of the wreck and slid about 50 feet in all directions. The crash occurred several hundred yards west of the village about 1 p.m.
RICHARD MILLER, 16, Chicago, suffered a broken left ankle. His cousin, CONRAD BIERCE, 16, Pewaukee, received severe head cuts which required 29 stitches at the Memorial hospital. CONRAD'S brother, DEAN, 19, received a small deep head cut.
Those injured in the other boat were:
LEO HEINZELMAN, 31, Pewaukee, multiple cuts and bruises.
FRANK TROST, 30, Pewaukee, minor cuts and bruises.
HEINZELMAN'S niece and nephew, JANE and JIM HEINZELMAN, 4 and 5 years old, who were shaken up and bruised.
The ice boat piloted by DEAN BIERCE had just left the shore when TROST'S boat sped toward them at about 45 miles an hour. The drivers apparently confused each other's signals and attempted turns at the same time, the TROST boat smashing into the right side of the youths' boat.
CONRAD BIERCE was struck in the head by the mast. The three youths were in the cockpit but the impact threw them out and tipped the boat.
The MILLER boy was visiting with his cousins at the BURTON BIERCE home. JIM and JANE HEINZELMAN are the children of Clarence Heinzelman, Pewaukee.

Waukesha Daily Freeman Wisconsin 1947-01-27