Sturtevant, WI Train Wreck, Aug 1927


Sturtevant, Wis., Aug. 12. -- (INS) -- Two men were reported killed and a dozen mail clerks seriously injured today when a Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul, Chicago-bound fast mail train was wrecked two miles from here.
Deputy Sheriff Henry Harmon said he thought the switch had deliberately been opened and attributed the wreck to Sacco-Vanzetti radicals or to a robbery motive.
The train, traveling sixty-five miles an hour, struck the open switch and catapaulted into the ditch, seven mail cars piling up on the engine and tender.
LARRY BROCK, engineer, and CLARENCE WEBER, fireman, were buried beneath the coaches and killed instantly, authorities said.
Mail clerks were hurled bodily from the all-steel coaches and sustained major injuries.
The wreck occurred in a farming district, prairies bordering the tracks. Sturtevant is twenty-four miles from Milwaukee.

Chester Times Pennsylvania 1927-08-12