Prairie Du Chien, WI Car Plunges Into River, Feb 1941


Prairie Du Chien, Wis., Feb. 24. (INS) -- An inquest was scheduled today into the deaths of seven young persons who were drowned yesterday when their automobile plunged into the Mississippi River near Prairie Du Chien after missing a bridge.
The victims were three girls and four boys, all Iowans. They were HELEN O'BRIEN, 15, VERA CANNES, 17, and MARGUERITE McMELLAN, 17, all of Rossville, Iowa, and LAVERNE DAKKUM, 19, HELMER DAKKUM, 18, VERNON SWANSON, 20 and NORVAL RAE, 20, all of near Elon, Iowa.
WILLIAM BITTNER, toll gatekeeper, said the party purchased a toll ticket but instead of continuing onto the bridge turned off on a small road which runs to within fifty feet of the river before turning. The car plunged straight ahead into the water, BITTNER said.
The accident occurred at 2 A.M.

Modesto Bee And News - Herald California 1941-02-24