Sheboygan, WI airplane crash, Aug 1930

Marshall Field Pilots Plane In Crash Near City

Three occupants of an airplane piloted by Marshall Field of the Sheboygan Airport were instantly killed at 12:25 pm today when the ship crashed on the Ed Roehrborn farm, two and a half miles south of Sheboygan, just off the Milwaukee road.

The dead are:

Marshall Field, found dead in the plane.

Gus Damrow, well known Sheboygan wrestler, whose body was found about 100 yards from the demolished airplane.

A man identified by an auto license certificate as Elmer Blumberg of St. Cloud, whose boyd was found 200 yards from the plane.

Ed Roehrborn and his son Ernst had to run for their lives when they saw the plane falling upon them as they worked in the field.

All bodies were badly mangled, but the two Sheboygan men were recognized without difficulty. They had evidently been killed instantly.

According to witnesses the accident resulting in the triple tragedy occurred when the ship was about 3,000 feet in the air.

Result of Explosion

According to Wilbert Karbe, assistant at the Sheboygan Airport, who witnessed the crash, the accident was the result of an explosion. The plane was doing a wing-over, he said, when suddenly there was an explosion and the wing buckled over. Immediately the ship went into a rapid spin and sped directly toward the earth. The wind was so terrific during the rapid descent that it began tearing the fuselage of the plane to pieces.

Mr. Karbe, who lives at 1607 Union avenue, said that the plane had taken off a short time before and after circling the city had started a short distance south when the accident took place. Mr. Karbe viewed the entire accident from the Sheboygan airport and then rushed to the scene with Officer Frank Fox, who also was a witness. A. W. Henning, 1203 S. Thirteenth street, and Arno Trempe, also were among the witnesses.

All said that suddenly the wing had buckled over and the top sped rapidly to the earth in a death-dealing spin.

The plane was a Curtiss Robin one-motored plane and according to a statement by Arwin Sommer it had been inspected by the department of commerce officials ten days ago.

Pilot At Local Port

This is the second airplane casualty in Sheboygan county, Al Ferko of Milwaukee being killed on Nov. 5, 1928, after his [illegible] plane went into a tailspin south of the Shell near 141.

Marshall Field, who was killed this afternoon along with the others, came to Sheboygan from Madison May 17, 1928, and was appointed chief pilot of the Sheboygan airport. He immediately went to work supervising the details for putting the local airport in shape and since that time has been flying and doing instruction work.

Before coming here with his family from Madison he was engaged in transport and cross-country flying. He started his flying in 1922 and was considered one of the best aviators in the country.

The Sheboygan Press, Sheboygan, WI 23 Aug 1930

Sheboygan, Wis., Aug. 25. - (A.P.) - The body of the third victim killed in in [sic] airplane crash here Saturday was positively identifed Sunday as that of Omar Watson of Sheboygan.

The other victims were Edwin Raasch, of Sheboygan, a passenger, and Marshall Field, pilot of the commercial plane that plunged to the ground after a wing gasoline tank exploded.

Field took Watson and Raasch aloft for a pleasure ride yesterday afternoon, charging the customary five dollar fee.

The Kokomo Tribune, Kokomo, IN 25 Aug 1930