Washburn, WI Fire, Sept 1888


One Entire Block of Handsome Business Houses Burned --- Loss $118,000, With Little Insurance.

ASHLAND, Wis., Sept 15 - Fire, which started in a barn at Washburn, just across the bay, at 2 o'clock a. m., destroyed one entire block. The total loss is $118,000, with only $17,000 insurance. The principal losers are Anne & Oberdy, opera house block, $15,000, D. Corning, groceries, $7,000, M. Ducate, buildings, $10,000, Charles Flynn, saloon and fixtures, $5,000, John A. Jacobs, confectionery, $4,000, S. A. Yates, jewelry, $3,000, Fred T. Yates, proprietor Washburn News, $1,200, William Burns, saloon, $3,200, American Express company, $500, Peter Nelson, hardware stock and building, $18,000, F. J. Meehan, clothing, $8,000, James Hickey, Odd Fellows block, $25,000, Barager Bros., Washburn Itemizer printing outfit, $1,600, William Ferguson, hotel and saloon, $5,000. The other losses range from $300 to $1,500, and include numerous boarding houses, blacksmith shops, laundries, etc.

The Aberdeen Daily News, Aberdeen, SD 16 Sept 1888