Sheboygan, WI conservatory fire, Feb 1873

How a Wisconsin Conservatory wa [sic] Saved.

The Sheboygan Times says that on Wednesday night last the heater in Mr. J. Bertschy's conservatory, attached to his dwelling, burst some time during the night, and set fire to the frame-work inside, and also to a wooden tank placed over the heater. This tank had been filled with water the evening before, and when the fire had burned through the bottom of it, the water began to do its friendly work in extinguishing the flames, which, with the help of the steam thereby engendered, it did effectually, thus preventing the probably destruction of his handsome residence, if not other buildings also. All of the choice plants in the conservatory were destroyed and the glass broken by the heat. The family knew nothing of it until the next morning.

The New York Times, New York, NY 10 Feb 1873